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We have increased the MF to 125 per month. We did not take this increase lightly but we cannot continue to do the work we do with out this. The amount of work load has increased hugely since EU legislation changed that you must pay the social insurance in your country of base. Please be aware we did not want to do this but we simply cannot afford to do the work we do without it. You are free to comment below and tell us your issues about this and we will reply to all comments. Thanks Simon - O'Connor and associates

Dear O'Connor and Associates, May I remind you that we've signed an agreement for 1000 EUR per year? Could you confirm you are going to ignore this signed agreement? Apart from your questionable explanation on the sudden large fee increase, how do you legally justify it?


We do understand that the services we offer are a contractual requirement for you and sympathise greatly with your frustration.  Yet, we believe that we are within out rights to increase our fee at this point in time and have set out a list of the range of services that it covers.  We have endeavoured throughout this process to make sure that the fee remains competitive and low cost compared to industry standards.

We felt with the current excesive workload that the EU regulations have imposed on us that we had to increase our fees with immediate effect.  We simply could not continue to give you the level of service you require for the current management fee. This decision was very very reluctantly put in place.

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Hi everyone. About the increase, here are my questions:

1) I signed a contract of €100 over a 10 month period, €1000 per year. It is very clear in the terms and conditions, and it says nothing about any of the parts being allowed to change it, with or without notification. So an increase should come from an agreement between the parts and a new contract should be signed, otherwise the contract terms and conditions are useless... if any of us can change it anytime, whats the point of signing a contract?

2) Since it was €1000 in the contract I signed and now will be €1375, it is a total increase of 37,5%. If it was over 11 months since 2016 - €1100 per year (but was it? I didn't receive any email about this, didn't sign any alteration to the terms and conditions for this as well), then this is not the first increase since 2008, its the second in about 1 year and the sum amounts to 37,5% anyway. 

3) Why was this discussed over 6 months with our Agency instead of us? We signed the contract, not them. We are going to pay the increase, not them. Why was it agreed between "yourselves" and not between "ourselves", accountant and client?

4) We were suggested to "leave if we don't like it" a couple of times now. I'm sure the ones whose expenses are gone now can easily do it. What about the ones still having the expenses from the Type Rating? If we change to other accountant, do the expenses go with us? Because if not, it's not exactly as we can leave if we want, that's a lot of money and a lot of us are still trying to pay our debts from the training.

Best regards

Ana Alves

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I would also like my colleagues like to know how this change was agreed upon when the first I hear about it is the notification that the change has taken place. 

Also changing the terms of a contractual agreement with the words "This charge supersedes any other contract or agreement put in place" doesnt seem like the correct way of doing it despite my lack of legal experience. I think that we should be given the choice of signing a new contract if the fee is final to stay on with you or have the opportunity to leave due to this increase.

To make it clear, I understand that an increase of the management fee might be necessary due to rising costs, but the way in which it was done and the amount of increase to me seems to high. 

I would love to hear some reasoning for all this.

Kind Regards

Luca Censi


Could you please reply to me e-mail dated 13/03/2017?

For your convenience I pasted the e-mail below.

Kind regards,




I do not agree with this increase in management fee and demand to reverse it to the old rate!

Firstly, a slight increase due to inflation or rising costs would seems reasonable but a 37,5 % increase is a bit too much.

I joined O’Connor and associates about 1 year ago, which means that the European legislation has not changed ever since and thus the claimed additional costs could have been anticipated.

Secondly, it is very nice that you discussed this increase with my agency. But I will be the one paying for the increase and thus this should have been discussed with me. According to my contract, you are in no way affiliated to my agency, so I expect that your communication with them is kept to the absolute minimum required to process my funds.

Furthermore, I have a signed agreement with O’Connor and Associates which states that the fee is 100€ for a maximum of 10 months per year.

Just changing this by e-mail and claiming that an e-mail 'supersedes any other contract or agreement put in place’ is not the way to do it.

Always open to discuss this in a mutual way (between ME and you) and to find a positive solution.

But an unilateral e-mail is not the way to do this, I was expecting a better service.

Kind regards,

Vriendelijke groeten,


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