The new EWSS as it stands at the moment, is as follows:

• You remain on the payroll of your company
• You have earnings of a minimum of €879 per month (Please see below)

There are also a few points to remember:

• The EWSS is support for the company and not the individual
• The criteria to be fulfilled is based on the company turnover in 2019 compared to 2020 and not the individual’s income.
• The payroll operates in arrears, so flying hours for September 2020 will be payrolled in October 2020, so you would need to have flying hours in September of more than €879 in order to qualify in October and so on
• Taking one full month off should not have an impact on the companies eligibility for the EWSS payment.
• The Revenue pay the EWSS in arrears. So September flying hours, payrolled in October will not be paid by Revenue until November.
• Any payment due to you under the EWSS Scheme will be paid once funds have been received from Revenue to your company account.

The above is subject to change by the Irish Governmnent and Revenue.

Taking another part time job with another company, will not have an impact on the EWSS claim.

Please NOTE: The Revenue may change this at anytime, we will endeavour to update everyone with any new information that should become available.