The new wages subsidy support (EWSS) is paid to your company in arrears by Revenue.  So, for September payroll, the funds arrived in the company bank account early in October and were added to any agency income in the October payroll.


The net payment of the EWSS was €750 as there is a requirement for your company to pay corporation tax on this support so a sum was with-held to cover this tax and administration.


We cannot show the EWSS separately on the payslip.


Going forward it will continue to be paid in arrears so on completion of the EWSS scheme you will still have one month’s payment due to you.


The scheme is now expected to run throughout 2021 but is subject to change and based on your company continuing to be eligible. The criteria is based on turnover this year compared to last year.  Each month we are required to check that your company is still eligible so we will inform you in advance if it is not.


For the November payroll, the EWSS has now increased and there are 4 different rates payable which range from a net of €750 to a net of 1277.  The majority of contractors will receive the mid -range EWSS of € 1088 per month.


You are not required to have any flying hours in order to receive the EWSS, provided you are still in contract with your agency.