• You need to book an appointment on phone 902 247 364 or online.
  • Fill the application form with complete information.
  • Submit all the necessary documents.
  • In case of removal, loss, or damage, in addition to duly filled application form with photograph, signature and fingerprint is a must.
  • In case of disability, a mobile team will move to the home of that person to do so.
  • Pay the prescribed fee.

Required Documents

  • Original birth certificate issued by the Civil Registrar concerned
  • Certificate of registration of Spanish nationality, which is issued stating that the sole purpose of obtaining DNI.
  • One recent color photograph of the face of the applicant (32 by 26 mm) with white uniform and smooth background (completely uncovered face)
  • Registration certificate or wheel of the City where the applicant is domiciled (issued no earlier than three months from the date of the application of DNI)

In case of disability, the following are needed:

  • Official medical certificate to confirm the disability status and demographic data
  • Photocopy of the ID of the dependent or disabled

Note: Certifications are accepted only if issued no earlier than six months from the date of filing of the application for the National Identity.


The fee for this service is € 10.40.


  • Five years - if the holder has turned thirty at the time of issuance or renewal.
  • Ten years - if the holder has turned thirty and has not reached seventy.
  • Permanent - if the holder has attained seventy years.

Office Locations & Contacts

For issuing office contact information, please follow this link

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