To All Contractors:

Please find as follows the link to download the application form to apply for the A1 (formerly E101) to ensure your social insurance contributions in Ireland are recognised across Europe:

A1 Application Form

In order to ensure that your application is successful, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Apply in the country that you reside in first, for a decision on Article 16 of 987/09 (IR) – see link to contact brochure
  2. Forward this decision with your completed application form to this office by post.
  3. Forward a copy of your most recent roster.

If you do not follow this procedure, your application WILL be rejected.

It is in your own interest to ensure that your social insurance records are kept up to date across Europe and this application is in compliance with current EU legislation.

Any queries concerning this application should be directly by email to and will be dealt with as soon as is possible.

Until you receive your permanent base we cannot tell you which country you will be paying your social insurance in. While you are still line training and until you are given your permanent base you will continue to pay social insurance in Ireland. You will continue to pay taxes in Ireland as a self-employed director of an Irish Company.
You cannot opt out of paying social insurance, it must be paid. Social Insurance goes towards your pension.