Due to the enforcement of new EU social insurance legislation from 28th June, 2012, any change of home base, must be notified to us immediately. This is to ensure that you are making social insurance contributions to the correct country from the correct date.

If you are affected by this legislation, you will need to obtain a social insurance number in the country of your home base. We have a brochure that you can now download to assist you in this process.

The contents of this brochure have been put together through our own research and with the assistance of other contract pilots which has been greatly appreciated. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, but any feedback would be very helpful. We will update the brochure as feedback is given with any useful information such as websites, contact points, directions etc. so that over time, we would hope it will help many of you.

Please feel free to email any queries or concerns you may have to sophia@oconnorandassociates.ie. Please also bear with us with reply times to enquiries as we do have to prioritise those of you in need of immediate health cover. Suggestions, comments, feedback as always are very welcome as we are here to help you.