If you are leaving your contract with your agency then please let us know and send the following details to us as soon as possible:

  • Your name
  • Your crew code
  • Your current base
  • Date of leaving
  • Last flying date
  • Your expected last pay date
  • Are you going as a direct employee with Ryanair

It is very important that you do  inform us as soon as you have accepted the new position as otherwise you may be subject to emergency tax with your new employer.  It would be your own responsible to organise any refund of this emergency tax with your new employer.   

For the tax year just gone (2017), providing you have paid the full year’s management fee, any related tax services in Ireland, will have been included in the management fee, so there is no extra charge for that year.

However, if you are leaving and going to a direct contract with Ryanair, depending on your personal circumstances, you may be required to complete a Form 12 at the end of each year going forward or you may even be required to complete a full Irish Tax Return (Form 11).

We can provide this service for you at a very competitive rate and guide you through the process of the documents that you will be required to obtain.  

We currently deal with a number of direct employees of Ryanair and also other airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic.  We are very knowledgeable in this area and will provide you with a specific knowledge base just for direct employees on all areas to assist you to reduce the taxes paid.

We can provide you with the following services via our online portal:

  • Irish Income Tax Returns.
  • Loss of License renewal
  • Pension Advice
  • Assisting with tax returns in the country of your fiscal residency

Should you wish to avail of our services at a very competitive rate please contact us in the usual way via email, telephone or our ticketing system - support@oconnorandassociates.ie