1.Our Irish Tax Return Questionnaire is issued during February onwards following the end of the Irish tax year (31st December).
2.Once you have completed and returned this form we should have all the required information to file your Irish Tax Return.
3.The deadline for filing the return is 31st October each year but we do have an extension until mid-November as we ALWAYS file these returns online.
4.For any pilots declaring their income in their country of residence, we aim to have these Irish returns filed before the deadline in their country.
5.Once your Irish return has been filed you will receive a Self Assessment Letter from the Revenue Commissioners directly to yourselves which will show your total taxable income and any tax and usc (universal social charge) deducted or refunded. Note that usc is a tax in Ireland and does not relate to social insurance which is not included in the tax return and is NOT tax deductible.
6.If you are due any refund or have an additional tax liability it will be stated on this letter. Any refund will be paid directly to your personal bank details and can take up to 3 weeks or so from the date of the letter