To all contractors:

There has recently been discussion on changes to the Legislation regarding social insurance across Europe.

It remains to be seen if and when all countries in the EU agree to implement the changes. This process can sometimes take many months and in fact this legislation was anticipated for the last 2 years. The process is that the European Parliament amends the European legislation, which although voted on cannot be implemented until all countries agree to follow the same. As you can see at the end there are already exceptions to the rule and I would imagine there will be many more.

My understanding of the text and the interesting point is that there will be a ‘Transition’ period for those who are under the current scheme and the legislation suggests a period of 10 years, where the person can opt to remain in their current situation.

If the 10 year period remains in force, I do not think you will have anything to worry about in the immediate future.


The O'Connor and Associates OAM Team.

The full article in question can be found here on the EU website here.