If you wish to transfer to us from another accountant, you will simply need to fill in all sections of the attached Information Pack and send us a copy of your passport and pilot's license.

We will also require a copy of your base letter and proof of where you are paying your social insurance at present (you should ask your existing accountant if you currently have an A1 certificate in place).

Before transferring over to us, your agency will require that you serve a 3-month notice period before you can get paid through your new LTD company. Once you receive your final payslip from your old accountant, they will provide you with a P45 form that you will need to send on to us.

If you have any outstanding expenses that are in your existing company's name (like your type rating invoice), we would recommend that you use these before switching over, as we will be moving you into a new LTD company when you join us.

Any other unused expenses can be transferred over.