We charge the following per flying month, we do NOT charge when you are off for the month or do not have hours from your agency.

Our fee is: €125 per flying month. - This fee is tax deductible

This fee is for the following services (amongst others) that we perform for you:

Incorporating an Irish Limited company
Registering you in the company as director
Applying for PPS number (Irish social security number) in Ireland for the client
Registering the client for taxation in Ireland

Processing of your hours from your agency
Uploading and emailing your hours
Processing your income through the relevant payroll system and deducting tax and social insurance where applicable
Calculating of expenses to be repaid and spot checking of expenses
Emailing payslip and uploading it to OAM.

Account management
Assistance with social Insurance management including change of base administration and possible transfer to a new company depending on the country of your base

Preparation and submission of your Irish tax return annually
Submission of company accounts and financial statements to Irish Revenue via ROS online and online to Company Registration Office (CRO) annually including all fees payable to CRO.

Irish Based Clients and Mobile Clients with Irish nationality:

Applying for your A1 portable social security certificate
Applying for your S1/E106 social security certificate