We are pleased to advise you that we have progressed greatly in the registration process for social insurance in Lithuania.

The following paperwork was required to be sent to the Lithuanian authorities:

A1 – incorporation details of the Irish limited company

Company Report – from Irish Companies Registration Office (CRO) – showing the registration of the directors (pilots)

Both of these documents needed to be certified translated, notarised and apostilled (by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland)

We are experiencing delays in carrying out the above procedure for some companies if paperwork is not returned immediately to us by the contract pilot (B10 signed). As a consequence of this, we cannot order the company report until such time as the contract pilot is registsered as a director.

In order to speed up the process we are carrying out the following:

  • Ordering digital certificates for all individuals so that the B10s can be digitally signed online.  This process initially takes a few weeks but is already in progress.  The result of this will be that no more paper B10s (within reason) will be issued and the registration process is instant
  • Moving the contract pilot who does not return the paperwork out of that company if not registered.