Applying for a Mortgage as a contractor


We can help you with everything you need to apply for a mortgage as a Contractor.  We have teamed up with the broker called who are highly experienced in the field of Contractor Mortgages.  Please read all the information below on how the process works:


Applying for a mortgage can be a stressful experience. Misconceptions and disinformation can lead to frustration and major headaches, with many contractors choosing to accept that they don’t qualify without seeking proper financial advice. 


However, mortgage lenders are perfectly willing to speak with Contractors and many of the rules applying to permanently employed PAYE workers also apply to Contractors. With the help of a broker from, it’s very achievable to get your mortgage as a contractor. We would take the stress away and make the journey easy for you.


You will have a dedicated member of our team committed to helping you get your mortgage.  There are many providers, terms and rates available.  We will work to ensure you get the solution that is right for you.  


Two dedicated mortgage brokers have been assigned to deal with clients from O’Connor and associates. Contact Timi on 016583040 or and James on

At O’Connor and Associates we will provide you or your broker with everything you need to apply for a mortgage as a contractor.  As this process is quite time consuming and involves a lot of extra accounts information we do charge a small fee for this.

 Most Contractors will need the following:

  • Acknowledged Form 11 for the past 2 years.
  • Chapter 4 Self-Assessment for the past 2 years.
  • Last 6 months Analysis of Payment from ourselves.
  • Last 2 years full set of audited accounts (you may only have 1 full year at this stage)
  • Last 3 years of your company accounts, profit and loss and balance sheet (you may only have 1 or 2 at this stage)
  • In most cases, the underwriter will ask for a Certificate of Income to be completed by ourselves, along with a letter to confirm and for these to be stamped.
  • Confirmation from ourselves that taxes are up to date along with a letter to confirm your contracted hours and rate.
  • A Copy of your Ryanair Contract
  • 6 months bank statements on your business bank accounts

We will guide you through the process and can liaise with your potential mortgage supplier/broker when needed.


For the above process we charge a €200 euro fee as It does take time to gather this extra information. This amount can be either charged in full or in €50 amounts over 4 months from your salary.

Should you wish to discuss the process then please send an email to  or contact on the following details.  

We can liaise directly with to provide all the information,

Contact Timi on 016583040 or and James on