Approximate Payroll dates for August 2017 are as follows:

Hours - Hopefully we will receive these on Wednesday 9th August and these will be uploaded and emailed to you by the 10th August.
Payslips - These should start to be sent to you on Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th , Monday 14th.
Funds - Providing the funds have arrived from your agency we expect to transfer these on Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th.

Please ensure all expenses are uploaded by the Wednesday 9th August.  Expenses will not be included in the August payroll after this date.

Please follow Facebook for all updates on hours, payslips and funds transferred.

As we endeavor to process the payroll as fast as possible and within 2/3 days of receiving your hours we can only start this after your agency has sent these to us.  Should there be any issue with the figures on your hours you MUST contact your agency and NOT O'Connor and Associates.


O'Connor and Associates