How to apply for a UK National Insurance number if you do not have a UK address.

Once you have moved to your UK base – call The Department for Work and Pensions number below. (DWP)
National Insurance Number Allocation Service: 0800 141 2075
Select: Option: 2 / Then Option: 1      
The best time to call: 8.30am or lunchtime.

Based on where you are residing / based, you will be offered an appointment at your nearest office.

What to explain when you call

  • You would like an appointment for an ‘Evidence Identity Interview’ to obtain a National Insurance Number.
  • You are a contracted pilot from: Give them your home country name
  • You are working in the UK at - Give them your airport name.
  • Tip –Write down the airport postcode and area you are staying before you call as you will need this later.  
  • If asked why you need a National Insurance number, state that you are working in the UK and your employer requires it. (Your employer is your limited company registered in the UK for payroll).  You also need one so that HMRC international department can process your A1 portable document.


If you experience any issues, end the call and dial the number again as some operatives will not understand your request. You do not need to call any other number as there is only one team who can issue appointments. 

You will be asked: Your full name / Address (see notes below) / Telephone Number (your regular one)

Regarding your address: The DWP advised us (your UK Accountants) on 25th January 2017 and 17th February 2017 - as you are our client and you do not have a UK address – in order for you to organise your interview and so the DWP have somewhere to send your correspondence to - you are allowed to use our office address instead.


When using our address, their computer system will be set to our postcode so when they search for an appointment, they may offer you one away from your base.
If this happens – simply explain you need one close to your airport base or wherever you are staying and give them the postcode/s as this will help them narrow the office locations down to one closest to you.

You may be required to take the following to your appointment – you will be advised when you call

  • McGinley Contract
  • Base Letter – If you have a Permanent base in the UK
  • Passport
  • O’Connor Proof of Address / Pilot Authorisation Letter - (request this from us once you  have booked your appointment – YOU WILL NEED THIS LETTER - copy attached
  • Other items: Payslip, rosters, identity card, driving licence, residence permit, birth / adoption certificate,       marriage / civil partnership certificate

If for any reason, you are told you do not need a National Insurance number: Please tell the person on the phone that you have been advised by your accountants – O’Connor and Associates that you must obtain one as you are working in the UK and HMRC International Department require it in order to process paperwork relevant to your Social Insurance liability. 

If you do not succeed the first time, please hang up and call again.  If often depends on who you speak with at the call centre.