Over the coming weeks, the Irish Revenue will be conducting a series of audits on some of the Irish limited companies that you may be a director of, either now or in the past. They may send out a letter individually to all the directors concerned asking them to attend such an audit. Please note that we are in discussions with the Revenue over this matter and have made them aware that it would not be possible for any of the directors to attend due to the nature of their business activity, their roster and that none of the directors are based in Ireland and all live abroad.

Should you receive such a letter, please just send a copy to support@oconnorandassociates.ie and we will contact you directly as soon as possible.

The main documents that the director will be required to supply for the audit are as follow:

  • Expenses
  • Rosters
  • Base Assignment Letter

We shall be contacting each director with a list of any missing paperwork over the coming week, so please bear with us and allow us time to consider each case individually. Each pilot involved will be contacted directly in due course so please keep an eye on any updates.

Many thanks,

OCA Team