Costs associated with the German payroll:

  • There are additional costs to your Irish company associated with registering and running such a payroll. 
  • We have tried to reduce these costs as much as possible by allowing six contractors to a company.
  • As you are treated as an ‘employee’ we will apply for additional tax allowances for you in the Irish taxation system which will go some way to offset the level of social insurance payable.
  • The additional cost will be €60 per flying month per pilot.  This will include the following services:
  1. Registering of company in Germany for social insurance purposes
  2. Registering and de-registering each contractor with the German tax authorities and social insurance authorities
  3. Issuing of monthly payslip for German social insurance purposes
  4. Issuing of end of year payroll certificates
  5. Applying for Social insurance certificates – A1 and E106
  6. Transfer of social insurance payments to relevant authorities
  7. Direct access to Matz-Townsend insurance broker for all your health insurance issues should you use their services
  8. Issuing of compliance statement to your agency