We always strive to make sure you get the maximum retention rate regardless of your permanent/temporary base. 

If a colleague of yours who also works in Germany has a better retention than yourself, there are many possible reasons. 

Having said that however, we can only speculate about OCA pilots as we don't know how other accountants deal with the social insurance payments in Germany (we know our system is 100% compliant with the German law as we had plenty of meeting with representatives of the German authorities in the past). Nevertheless, if your colleague is with OCA and his retention is higher, probably they are privately health insured. The retention is around 70-75% for privately insured pilots and 50-55% for compulsory insured pilots with a statutory provider. 

If you want to discuss joining a private scheme please contact Cathy at matz@insure-invest.de. 

Disclaimer: Your estimated gross income for the current year must be more than 59.400 Euro to be eligible for a private scheme. Basically, your average monthly gross salary from the beginning of the current year must be bigger than 4.950 Euro.

Disclaimer: If you have a colleague who works in Germany but is with another accountant and their retention is higher than 50-55% if compulsory insured or 70-75% if privately insured, that means their social insurance is not calculated, announced and paid correcly to the German authorities. Consequently, they are exposing themselves to potential fines from the local authorities and criminal proceedings in the country they are based now or in the future.