You need to apply by yourself only if you have private health insurance. If you choose a public health insurance provider, they will apply on your behalf.

You will need a rental agreement or confirmation letter from your hotel/Airbnb host as well as:

  1. Registration form, called Meldeschein or Anmeldung form, available ONLY in German at your local Bürgeramt.
  2. Valid passport (non-EU citizens) or ID card (EU/EEA citizens).
  3. Visa if required for entry into Germany.

After you bring those documents to your local Burgeramt and your address gets registered, you can apply for a social security                   number following the below steps:

  1. Make an appointment at your local German pension office (Rentenversicherung). As most of their website in German, it would be best to call their English hotline for assistance: 0800 1000 480 70. The hotline is free of charge, if you call from a German landline phone number.
  2. Go to the German pension office (Rentenversicherung) together with your passport and visa (if you have one).
  3. The German pension office will be able to issue your social security card on the spot.