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We have teamed up with Ryalogger to automatically pull in your verified flights into our system.  This will allow you to automatically add in your daily home base subsistence EVERY MONTH when flying from your HOME BASE.  This will add in theexpense every month automatically for you.

To do this just login to OAM and you will see the link in the left hand menu - Ryalogger Flights.  Then do the following:

1) Ensure you are signed up with and you have sent your verified flights to them.

2) Then copy the API key from Ryalogger into the field below and hit Save.

3) You should then select the month and press 'Get Details'. This will automatically pull in your completed roster and details.

4) Then if you wish to submit your daily home base subsistence please press 'Submit daily subsistence expenses'.

This will add in the daily home base subsistence allowance for you. It will override any subsistence that has the same date.

Please see the video demo here: