If you have moved to a new base or are starting in your first home base then you can claim the following.  You must have a permanent base letter.

  • Relocation Expenses – For the first 14 days of moving to your permanent base, you can claim the overnight allowance and daily subsistence.
    • You should use the OOB and travel form which will give you the correct rate for the first 14 days in your new base.

  • You can claim the first 3 month’s rent in full and 20% of rent as home office expense thereafter.
    • Once you have started renting your can add in the full price of your rent for 3 months and also 20% on top as your home office.
    • You should use the standard expenses form for this.

  • Daily subsistence whilst flying from your HOME BASE by using the OAM daily subsistence form or the ryalogger link.
    • Once you have connected a ryalogger account with you OAM then the daily home base subsistence will automatically add in each month, you should follow the instructions in OAM - Ryalogger flights or follow this link on our knowledge base

  • Moving to a UK base
  • Moving to a Netherlands base.