The Irish Revenue are currently implementing a new system of tax reporting and collection, called PAYE Modernisation.

As a result of this, they have issued new tax credit certificates to every individual, and new notifications to each employer and payroll provider (this is us).

Unfortunately, as happens each year, a number of tax credits are issued with incorrect information on them. We are currently checking each tax credit certificate and notifying Revenue of any errors and amendments that need to be made. 

Due to some of the tax credits being issued incorrectly, it may result in a small amount of additional tax being deducted in your January 2019 salary. However, any extra tax that is deducted as a result of Revenue's error will be refunded to you as soon as they correct your tax credit certificate. In light of this, if you so wish, we can review and revise your payroll for the month if it is going to be beneficial to you.

We apologise in advance for any confusion this may cause, however it is beyond our current control and we are working to have it rectified by Revenue as soon as possible.