Company Expenses for Spain that can be claimed:

  • Management Fee (this will be deducted by ourselves so should NOT be added as an expense by pilot)
  • Annual medical for pilot licence renewal
  • Loss of licence insurance
  • Pilot equipment such as headsets

Can I use to automatically upload my daily subsistence to the OAM.

No ryralogger can no longer be used for the Spanish subsistence, we will be looking at automated way in the very near future to do this.


What about OOB work and hotels

You can add in your hotel costs and also claim the Per Diem rates.


What about transportation/parking/gas costs, etc? 

You must add in the actual amount you paid for transportation, parking etc,



Mileage is ONLY 0.19 per km when OOB


Previous expenses before Jan1st 2022

We will look at this for all pilots and they are not lost.  We will be doing this on an individual basis for pilots.  Your old balance can be seen on the list expenses page in OAM


What do Per Diems cover

Dietas (per diems) cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation expenses. Public transport, car parks, tolls or other transportation costs can be claimed for as actuals (but only if out of base)


Mobile phone bill as expense? 

Only if wholly and exclusively for the purpose of his trade.


Old expenses

Your unused expenses in your current company will remain for a period of 4 years from the date of the expense. We will be reviewing 2021 expenses through your Irish tax return on an individual basis.  If you have paid tax in 2021, we may therefore be able to claim a refund for a portion of this with your unused expenses.

Per Diems rates:

  • National per diems without night stop:    36.06 euro/day
  • National per diems with night stop:         53.34 euro/day


  • International per diems without night stop:          66.11 euro/day
  • International per diems with night stop:           91.35 euro/day


How to calculate your Pir Diems: Days of flying x rate above