Your payroll and how it works:


  1. Your Irish company will be registered as a branch in Greece in the coming weeks.
  2. A Greek tax number for the Irish company will be obtained
  3. You will be registered as an employee in Greece in the branch of your Irish company.
  4. A monthly payroll will be ran with our Greek payroll software as soon as the company is registered.
  5. You will receive a basic salary of approximately 1400 euro or lower and Greek tax and social security will be deducted from this.
  6. You will be charged social security on this basic salary.  
  7. Your current social security registration will be transferable to the branch so this will continue on as normal.
  8. The rest of your income will be made up of expenses you have added into the system (OAM) under Greek legislation.  These will be defined in due course.
  9. If you have any un-used expenses prior to the change in the tax legislation in Ireland, this balance WILL BE carried forward and will be used as normal. 

Management Fee:  

We have yet to obtain a definitive cost of the registration of the branch of the Irish company in Greece.  We hope to have this information in the coming week.

If you are in your own company we will be contacting you directly when we have a registration cost per company, to see if you wish to remain in  your own company.


As we will be continuing to claim the EWSS from Ireland until it ends (April 2022 is the current end date), we will continue to run the Irish payroll for the amount of 1400 Euro taxable income in Ireland.  

This means that for most pilots based in Greece who have low flying hours and unused expenses, there will be no requirement to run a Greek payroll for the next few months.