What is AMKA?

AMKA (ΑΜΚΑ - Αριθμός Μητρώου Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης) is the insurance identification number for every individual employee, pensioner and family member (under 18 years old or more than 18 years old if he/she is a student or completing the compulsory conscription to the Greek Army) who is residing in Greece. By possessing an AMKA number, someone can work in Greece, pay social insurance contributions (these are usually paid by the employer or the accountant), obtain a health book (essential when you go to the hospital for any reason), receive pension.


The AMKA number is about to replace the old AM number (Αριθμό Μητρώου - ΑΜ) which has been being given to all the employees so far. 


With the introduction AMKA, daily services are simplified in key areas such as:

  • In the health care sector.
  • In the working life of employees.
  • In the pension sector.


Where can an AMKA number be obtained?

Every individual can obtain the AMKA number through the Citizens Services Centers (Κέντρα Εξυπηρέτησης Πολιτών - ΚΕΠ) which are located in every single town in Greece and usually in every single neighborhood of every town. You can find the closest to your location KEP on following link http://www.kep.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/kep/kepfind (in Greek) or by just typing the word KEP on Google Maps.


AMKA number can also be obtained through AMKA offices which are located in big cities. The locations can be found on the following link http://www.amka.gr/pdf/AMKA_Grafeia.pdf (in Greek). Not recommended


What documents are required?

1. For individuals with Greek nationality.

  • Greek ID or Greek Military Identity
  • For children under 12 years old who do not have Greek ID, civil status certificate (πιστοποιητικού οικογενειακής κατάστασης) is required.


2. For Non-Greek nationals

  • National ID or passport (mostly recommended)
  • Civil Status Certificate which is legally translated to Greek by a certified institution or an embassy when an ID or a passport is not available.