The Process

As it has already been mentioned, the pilots after having obtained these two relevant numbers (AMKA and AFM) they need to go to the closer to their Greek residential address IKA (competent IKA) and register. It is highly possible that the pilot will need to register for another number which is called “AMA” before the final registration. But this can be done at the same IKA so it will not be a problem for the pilot. After the registration, the employee (pilot) will be given logins (username and password) which are important as  we will use these logins to submit the monthly declaration forms “APD”. So, after the registration, the pilot will have to send us the appropriate documents, so we will be able to log in to his account.


The closer to your address IKA can also be found easily by typing “IKA” on google maps application. However, to assure that you go to the correct IKA and DOY you can ask your landlord for more information.


Documents that are required

Every individual at the time of registration needs to have the following documents:

  1. A letter or the agreement of employment or other type of contract (we will provide you with that agreement) with the Irish company which must be officially translated into Greek by the Ministry of Foreign Affair, Translation Department. This can be found on the following link: (in English)
  2. The previously obtained documents which show the AMKA and the AFM numbers.
  3. During the registration, the employee will have to fill out a form which is called “ΑΙΤΗΣΗ - ΔΗΛΩΣΗ ΑΠΟΓΡΑΦΗΣ ΕΡΓΟΔΟΤΗ”. A practical guide of how to fill the "M1" form can be found in the pdf with name “IKA registration form instructions”. IKA registration form.pdf and IKA registration form intructions.pdf

You can see the whole process in the attached file.