You may claim subsistence and overnights costs for the duration of your type rating and line training courses by using the Add Travel menu in the Expenses section. To do this add in the start date and time and then the end date and time and select the location of the course from the drop-down menu. This will then calculate all your subsistence and overnights from the start to the end of the course. Please note that you do not need to enter hotel fees or rental accommodation costs - these costs are covered by the overnight rates which are normally very generous.

Example: If you are type rating at EMA

Add in the start date of your course and the location.

Add in the end date of your course and the location.

Select Britain - Elsewhere for the location.

The form will then calculate your overnight subsistence and daily allowance.

If you drive to the training centre you may add this in as a combined total of ALL your mileage to and from the training centre. An allowance for petrol will automatically be calculated.
If you are taking public transport then you can input the exact cost of your travel fares using the Add Expense menu.

You should also add in the cost of the course into the normal expenses form.


If the expenses outweigh the earnings they will get carried forward. Your Type rating is around 29k, it will be carried forward and can take up to two years to use up along with your other expenses.

Your type rating fee can be paid from a personal bank account. CAE will send a copy of your invoice, with your company's name on it, directly to us and we will put up the cost of the Type rating course up on the OAM (Online Account Manager), if you have not already done so.

The cost of food and other expenses is covered by the subsistence rate